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In February, in the Serengeti national park, at ...


In February, in the Serengeti national park, at the foot of Ngorongoro, an extinct volcano in northern Tanzania, in a period of only three weeks half a million wildebeest calves are born. Four minutes after being born, they are already standing on their own legs, and only two hours later they can run. It matters, because two months later the dry season begins in Tanzania, and the young and their parents set off on a long and dangerous journey. One and a half million wildebeests, together with a large number of zebras and gazelles, head north into Kenya, more than two million animals in all. It is the world’s biggest migration of mammals. They cover a total of more than 3000 kilometres. I called the album this picture is from Following the Rain. This extraordinary migration begins in April. In June wildebeests can be seen on the southern banks of the Grumeti river, in the so-called Western Corridor, where they prepare to cross. While crossing to the northern side of the river many of them fall victim tto crocodiles. But the worst is yet to come.#photobook #closer #tomaszgudzowaty #witoldszabłowski #text #climate #nature #wildlife #africa #amazing #power #instagram #photography #photooftheday #us #travel #travelexhibition @melodymir @tomaszgudzowaty

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