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SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING Synchronized swimming, onc...


SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMINGSynchronized swimming, once known as water ballet, has grown from its humble origins to become a fully organized, internationally competitive sport, reaching the Olympics in 1984. It’s a female dominated discipline, though men compete internationally. Competitions are organized into four categories: solo, duet, team (four to eight swimmers), and combination (ten swimmers). Although synchronized swimming is a graceful and gentle sport, it requires a stage-like charisma, along with motor precision, strength, flexibility, and above all, aerobic endurance. This is why international-class swimmers train up to 5 hours a day. Synchronized swimming has achieved its highest levels in countries like the United States, Russia, Japan, Spain, China, and France. The national team of Ukraine, coached by Svetlana Saidova, is considered to be one of the world’s best teams. Performances of the Ukrainian swimmers are as breathtaking for the public above the water as for an observer below the water. #beyoundthebody #book #tomaszgudzowaty #nangoldin #steidl #photography #swimming #sport #longtermproject

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