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MEXICO'S CAR FRENZY The small but lively and gro...


MEXICO'S CAR FRENZY The small but lively and growing community of automotive enthusiasts in Mexico City consists of people who mostly have to work hard and full time to support their passion. but they are ready to devote any spare moment to their classic, fancy, custom tuned, muscle or otherwise exceptional cars. And they never miss any opportunity to gather together to appreciate and celebrate their precious vehicles, and to treat themselves to a (sometimes guilty) pleasure of driving. Streets, highways, parking lots, ramps, and even indoor spaces - any place can become a racing ground for a more or less spontaneous event. #mexico #amazing #newbook2016 #mexicocity #mexico_maravilloso #followme #photography #photobook #amazing #nangoldin #gerhardsteidl @melodymir @tomaszgudzowaty

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